Innovation, cost reduction, specialist finishing, batch traceability.


Pegrex was approached by H S Marston Ltd (HSM) a manufacturer of heat exchangers for the aero industry, as part of a plan to re-source a number of their components.


The aim was to reduce their bought-in and inventory costs but also to consider a more innovative approach to manufacturing the parts. Full batch traceability was also required on all parts.


After making a number of visits to HSM to evaluate their requirements, we were able to use our experience of component machining and finishing to re-design the component supply process using both in-house processes and sub-contract operations.


Our proposal combined giftware finishing processes with more traditional machining techniques to ensure a precise, accurate and consistent burr-free finish. The result was a significant increase in component quality and reductions in costs.


“From the start, Pegrex took full responsibility for the project and worked to the specifications that we gave them. The quality of the finished components was excellent.”

Chris Morgan, Senior Buyer, H S Marston Limited