–  Component rationalisation, design for manufacture, rapid development


Pegrex Ltd has been manufacturing enclosures for the electrical industry for many years. These have tended to be small in size (usually around the size of a shoe box!). We received an enquiry from HVR Pentagon Ltd for a much larger unit capable of holding up to 40 off braking resistors.


HVR supplied basic sketches of their requirements but needed prices quoted in 24 hrs and a commitment to supply the first 5 off enclosures within 10 days.


Further discussions revealed that HVR were looking for a design that could be used in a number of configurations that would allow smaller enclosures to be produced while still utilising common parts.

A review of resources confirmed that existing CNC turret punch & press brake capacity would allow all the parts to be produced with just a few power press operations required to complete the process.


Quotations and initial production were completed on time and to specification. Further configurations of the enclose have subsequently been manufactured.


“Pegrex have helped us to keep to our schedule and budget by assisting in the development of a more configurable enclosure design. We were particularly impressed with how Pegrex managed to turn the project around so quickly with very little disruption to our operations”

Mr. J. Spink, HVR Pentaon Ltd