Project management, trouble shooting, product development, prototyping and pilot manufacturing.


Door Defender is a security device that prevents intruders from barging doors open.


We were originally approached by MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) to investigate the steps required to take the product from concept stage through to production.


The item had been prototyped before but a number of design flaws had been identified. After detailed discussions the product was re-designed to reduce manufacturing costs, improve safety and increase consumer appeal.


After producing and testing a number of rapid prototypes, we arranged production of die-cast tooling with a specialist toolmaker. All the jigs, fixtures and testing equipment used to develop the prototypes were developed by us on site. Once the tooling had been finished, we completed a sample production run.


Pegrex successfully managed the entire project which took 3 months from initial briefing and evaluation through to completion. As a result of this project the product has been widely praised by media and industry contacts for its quality and function and is currently awaiting full launch to the market.

“Pegrex have helped us so much with getting Door Defender off the ground. We could not have made this much progress, without the support of Neil and his team.”

Ernie Griffin, Managing Director, Door Defender